New Delhi: “Har Hath Mein Phone”, this seems to be the new calling card of UPA 2 for the 2014 General Elections. As per the sources, the UPA 2 is coming up with Rs 7,000 crore Har Hath Mein Phone scheme which aims at providing mobile phones to every BPL family across the nation and that too with 200 minutes of free local talk time.

The scheme is expected to be announced by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his address from Red Fort on Independence Day (15th August).

According to an estimate, around Rs 7,000 crore would be spend on Har Hath Mein Phone scheme, which covers around six million BPL households. The public exchequer will have to expend approx Rs 100 per mobile phone.

The “Har Hath Mein Mobile” scheme may sound fascinating but the basic question that arises is the worthiness of this Rs 7,000 crore scheme in the country like India where most of the BPL families reside in no or poor connectivity zone.

In such a situation, how far these mobile phones with network connectivity issues suffice to help the below poverty line groups who are already bearing the brunt of poverty, hunger and unemployment.


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