New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi appealed to Anna Hazare to give up his fast, assuring the Gandhian that his views would receive government's ‘full attention’.

"I am pained by Anna Hazareji's fast-unto-death. The issues he has raised are of great concern. There can be no two views on the urgent necessity of combating graft and corruption in public life," she said in a statement.

In the backdrop of Hazare resorting to the protest action since Tuesday to demand an effective Lokpal Bill, Gandhi said that she believed that the laws in these matters must be effective and must deliver the desired results.

"I am sure that Hazareji's views will receive the government's full attention as we move forward to fight this menace. I appeal to Anna to give up his fast", Gandhi, who is also UPA Chairperson, said.

The appeal by Gandhi came when the hunger strike by the 71-year-old social activist entered the third day and the government began talks.

During the discussions, the government agreed to form a joint committee to draft a stronger Lokpal Bill but there was no consensus on who will head it and as to whether it should be notified.

Hazare rejected the government's offer of an informal committee and said he would not end his protest till the demands were met.