Jaipur: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday said the UPA government was more successful than the NDA in reducing poverty and bringing inclusive development but was not very effective in communicating it to the people.

Speaking at the All India Congress Committee meeting here, he said gross domestic product and agricultural growth rate were faster during the eight-year United Progressive Alliance government (UPA) compared to the six years of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government.

He said the government had not received all the credit for its work due to shortcomings in its communication strategy.

"Probably, our communication strategy is not very effective," Manmohan Singh said, adding that there was a need to communicate the success of the government effectively.

He said some opposition-ruled states had claimed credit for central schemes and Congress workers needed to explain the correct picture to the people.

Concrete steps being taken to check price rise

Jaipur: Admitting concerns in the government over price rise, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said concrete steps are being taken to check it in the coming fiscal.

Speaking at the All India Congress Committee meeting on the concluding day of the 'Chintan Shivir' here, he said the main reason for hike was rising international prices of crude oil.

He said another factor was a hike in minimum support price of crops by the government for the benefit of farmers.

"The main reason has been an increase in international prices of petroleum products. Second, the prices of crops had been raised substantially for the benefit of farmers," he said.

There was a need to take solid steps to deal with price rise in 2013-14, he said.

Must ensure full safety for women in public places

Jaipur: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday said the government will make all amendments in the law needed to ensure more safety for women and added that women should be encouraged to come out in public places.

"To increase the status of women in society, it is important that we encourage women to come to public places and we must ensure that there is full safety for them in those places," the prime minister said at the All India Congress Committee meet here.

"This is our responsibility to create an atmosphere in which women feel safe," he said. "After a recent terrible incident with a woman in Delhi, there has been a lot of discussion on the condition of women in our society.

This is true it will take us a long journey before we have equal status for both women and men in our society.

But women are half of our population. Their participation is very important for our growth," he said.

A change in social mindset towards women was also needed, the prime minister said.

"Whatever change in law is needed for this, we are committed to it. But this will not be enough. We will have to change our social values so that respect for women in society increases," he said.


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