Haringhata (WB):  Describing the UPA government as an 'exploiter' of the poor, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday attacked it on the latest diesel price hike.
"This government is an exploiter of the poor people. It is very distressing that prices of diesel have been further increased," Banerjee told a government programme here.
"After hike in rail fares and the price of petrol, the rise in diesel prices will add to the woes of the common man groaning under the impact of the price rise," she said.
Stating that the diesel price hike would have a cascading effect, Banerjee who distributed land deeds to 2500 poor families, said farmers operating diesel-powered pumps would be in distress.
Recalling that the Central Government had also repeatedly increased the price of fertilisers, she said she had protested each time and also written to the Prime Minister many times, but to no avail.


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