New Delhi: BJP on Friday evasive whether it would demand a floor test in Parliament to determine if the Manmohan Singh-led government enjoyed a majority following withdrawal of support to it by Trinamool Congress.

"Today is an important day for the nation as half a dozen ministers of the anti-common man UPA government are resigning from it. This government has become a burden on the common man and these resignations are paving the way for freeing the people from it," BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said.

He described the resignation of the TMC ministers as a "good step and pro-people. BJP congratulates TMC for abandoning the sinking ship of the UPA government," Hussain said.

However, asked if BJP would demand that a special session of Parliament be convened and the government's strength be put to test, the main opposition was evasive.

"As a responsible opposition, we are at the moment keeping a keen eye on the developments taking place," Hussain said while insisting that with TMC withdrawing support the government does not enjoy a majority.

BJP hit out at Samajwadi Party for acting as "oxygen" for the government which has "failed" to check price rise and has taken anti-people measures like allowing FDI in multi-brand retail and rationing of LPG.

"Samajwadi Party has taken to the streets, it has created the confusion of being with the Opposition but is also supporting the government," Hussain said.

He charged that while SP Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav claims to support UPA to keep communal forces at bay, Uttar Pradesh under SP rule is the only state which is witnessing frequent communal riots.

BJP alleged the government has gone back on the word given on its behalf by the then Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in Parliament that all stakeholders would be consulted before taking a decision on FDI in multi-brand retail.

The party further charged that despite opposition from several political parties within UPA and outside on FDI in multi-brand retail issue, the government has shown its "growing arrogance" by going ahead with the policy.

"The government did not listen to its strongest ally TMC and even to DMK which is part of the government... The countdown to the fall of the UPA government has begun. And its arrogance is growing as its last days draw near," Hussain said.

Claiming that Thursday's Bharat Bandh was a grand success as the common man had come out on the streets in large numbers, BJP said that instead of drawing lessons from it and addressing the demand of the people, the government went ahead and notified the decision on FDI in multi-brand retail.


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