New Delhi: Condemning the serial blasts in Pune, BJP on Thursday said Congress-led UPA government should take the matter seriously and practise zero tolerance towards terrorism instead of indulging in appeasement and votebank politics.

"BJP condemns the terror act of yesterday evening in which serial blasts took place in Pune. It is a reminder and a warning that India has to strengthen its fight against terror. Government should take the matter seriously," BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain said.

The Opposition maintained that the intensity of the blasts is not the issue.

"The issue here is not how many people were hurt or killed but how it has strengthened the resolve of the terrorists," Hussain said.

BJP reiterated that it may have serious differences with the Centre on several matters, but on the issue of the fight against terror, it has always stood with the government. It cautioned Congress against playing appeasement politics on the issue of terror.

"BJP does not want to play any politics on terror. This government is deft in practising appeasement and votebank politics. We request the Centre to stop playing any politics on terror," Hussain said.

He said that earlier a Home Minister (Shivraj Patil) was removed and P Chidambaram brought in his place after 26/11 terror attacks.

"During Chidambaram's tenure nine terror acts took place. No person has been convicted in any of these cases," Hussain said, adding that in the wake of a blast several statements are made, teams of experts sent to the spot but the country does not see any concrete action taking place.


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