Ahmedabad: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday slammed the Congress-led UPA government, saying that for the first time in the history of independent India, it had a government without "leader, policy and intention".
"The colossal failures of the Congress-led UPA Government make me think that though we have got Swarajya (independence), is India moving towards Surajya (good governance)?" Modi said on his blog, on the eve of Independence Day.
"It is for the first time in the history of Independent India that we have a Government that is without a definitive Neta (leader), Niti (policy) or Niyat (intention)!," he said.
"On August 15, 1947 India was blessed with Swarajya, but that was not an end in itself. For our distinguished founding fathers, freedom did not mean stopping at Swarajya but to attain Surajya!
"A question that comes to the mind is- are we moving towards Surajya today?  The colossal failures of the Congress-led UPA Government make me think otherwise. How can we say we are moving towards Surajya when the common man of India is more burdened than ever before, reeling under severe inflation?" he said.
"Is a policy paralysis of the severest form a movement towards Surajya? Apart from routinely making statements, has the Prime Minister taken any concrete step to tackle the challenge of malnutrition? The nation’s internal security is facing newer and tougher challenges by the day but we have yet to see any concrete effort on the part of the Centre to tackle them," he said.
"Even the darkness that the people of India have been living in under the UPA transcended from the metaphorical to the literal when half of India was plunged into darkness for 2 days!" he said.
Modi, who came down heavily on the Centre and Congress party on his blog today, is facing state elections by this year-end.

"The biggest casualty of the Congress misgovernance is the blatant attack (sic) on the federal structure of India. On many occasions, I have written to the Prime Minister.... mistrust between the Centre and the States will be extremely detrimental to the progress of India," Modi further said.
"Congress is... repeatedly insulting the people of India by appropriating accolades that have been achieved by tireless dedication and hard work of the people!" he said on the blog.
"Take a look at the Congress Manifestos of 2004 and 2009....the manifestos state that it was Congress that won the nation freedom, nurtured parliamentary democracy and made our Constitution possible!
"What can be a greater insult that the hard work of the entire nation is being snatched merely to glorify Congress. How can the Congress in its manifestos claim that it was they who ushered in the IT Revolution and it was due to them that India went nuclear?" Modi asked.
"Congress proudly claims that middle class is a `proud creation of the Congress'- if so why is it leaving no stone unturned in giving them enormous economic difficulties today?"
Why every "instance of Jan Shakti (people power)" was being repackaged as the creation of Congress, Modi further asked.
Earlier, in his message to the people of the state, Modi said Gujarat was facing deficient rains, but with people's participation, it would give the country a "model" as to how to tackle a drought.
He also alleged that had the Centre allowed "putting of gates on Narmada dam", it would have had three times more water, and the state could have coped with even a severe drought.


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