New Delhi: The Opposition has expressed reservation over the UPA’s decision to allow the Foreign Direct Investment in the retail sector saying its (Centre) intention is to avoid the issue like corruption-Lokpal, inflation and blackmoney in the winter session.

Opposition leader Shushma Swaraj said, “There is no question of patch up between the treasury and the opposition benches over the functioning of Houses. If the Centre takes a decision to roll back FDI in retail, the business of both the Houses will resume on Wednesday.”

Whenever the Houses will function, the Opposition will raise the issue of inflation and blackmoney, added the Opposition leader.

Question arises why the Centre has decided to allow the FDI in retail in the very beginning of the winter session when it was fully aware of the Opposition and some UPA partners’ reservation over the issue.

A senior BJP leader said, “It is not an Act which needs to be introduced in the Parliament. Generally, the Centre brings such type of controversial issue at the end of the session so that the business can be conducted uninterrupted.”

Earlier, the Opposition had agreed to have a discussion on inflation under Rule 193 that doesn't entail voting. The UPA compromised with the Opposition on the Adjournment Motion being moved by the BJP over blackmoney but the FDI issue has changed the entire equation.