It is a grim reminder for the policy makers of our government to wake up from the deep slumber as the International rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P) has cautioned that India could lose its investment grade rating. It has already been too late and  perhaps this is the reason behind S&P directly holding the political state of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi responsible for the present fiasco. It is well known to all that Dr Singh has to take the consent of the Congress chief Sonia Gandhi even over trivial matters. But the situation was quite different during the first tenure of the UPA regime, when it was said that Manmohan-Sonia association was ideal for running the government and some positive results were also witnessed during that period. Nobody knows that how the UPA-II has created such an indecisive and pessimistic environment. Whatever be the answer to this question but it is no secret that Manmohan Singh government completely failed on the economic front and has been unable take necessary decisions. It is pity that the government at times blames the International financial crisis and also to its allies and the Opposition for the crisis. It is unfortunate that rather than solving the economic slowdown, the policymakers of the UPA government has turned a blind eye to the problem. It is an irony and the government’s excuses are no longer going to help it as its reality has been exposed.  

To discredit the rating agency’s statistics is like cheating oneself and it is also unfortunate on the part of the UPA government to blame others for each and every problem it encounters. If everything is going smooth, as claimed by the government time and again, then it is sad that our Industrial growth has come to a standstill. It is difficult to understand the reasons for which the UPA government has faced disappointment and failure in each and every sphere. If one has to plead or request the government asking what kind of steps it (Government) has to take for the interest of the country, then it can be easily concluded that the UPA government has lost its mandate to rule the country. False promises, assurances will neither help the UPA government nor will it solve the economic crisis. It is high time that the government should get rid of the narrowness its political thinking and adopt an approach which should help the country in achieving higher growth and solve the economic crisis. The UPA leaders should realize that their party, which was at one point of time called an ideal one, is facing a nightmare. A lot of changes are required to solve the ongoing economic crisis vis-à-vis industrial growth. The country needs a government which should work for the people and not the one which will get away from its responsibilities. The UPA government should take immediate steps in solving the crisis otherwise it would be too late for the Congress party to remain in power.