The findings of Shivraj Patil Committee may be precisely describing that the allocation of spectrum during the NDA regime was also flawed, but does all this satisfy burning issues related to the 2G spectrum scam. The most significant question surfaces here that is it scripted in the Constitution where the new government is compelled to follow the toeline of its predecessor during changing the guard? Did the UPA government make the NDA ruling a yardstick in the allocation of 2G spectrum? If it is not correct, why was the Central government in deep slumber, failing to realize that the NDA dispensation wedged wrong policy in allocation of the aforesaid? Needless to say that the government has changed some policies of the NDA ruling. In fact, the UPA government made changes in some of the policies which spawned during the NDA regime and those were put in cold storage. It is disappointing summarily that Sibal, successor of former Telecom Minister A Raja, spelt a message while announcing the findings of the Patil Committee that the UPA government did wrong as because the NDA had laid foundation of it. Neither does Kapil Sibal have any answer of why the UPA government has been following the wrong doings of the NDA regime for five years nor is he in a position to phrase out the cause of not probing into the scam through JPC.

After the arrest of A Raja and the findings of Patil Committee, it is imperative that the 2G scam should be probed by the JPC. It is beyond understanding, why is the Central government engrossed with putting irrational logic against the JPC probe? The Congress-led government must learn that its antagonistic stand on the probe is a pertinent issue which has watered down its credibility. It is quite strange that the government is not able to ventilate the JPC investigation which spooks it? Sometimes it is learnt that there is no need of such committee and simultaneously it is thought that there would be no gain from constituting the JPC. The Congress recently mentioned, the JPC issue should be discussed or decided through voting in the Parliament. This is merely a political stunt to delay the JPC probe. It clearly indicates that the government is adamant on to bury the reality of spectrum scam by all dints. If the Congress maintains its posture on the spectrum issue in this manner, the popularity of the Central dispensation will eventually nosedive.