New Delhi: BJP on Friday said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appears to know about the problems plaguing the country as well as the solutions but he is unable to take action due to the UPA model of governance where the elected leader does not have the final say.
Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said this while he expressed serious concern over the state of the Indian economy, saying the situation in the last year has been "extremely worrisome" and there is a "genuine worry" about where the country is headed.
Speaking at a CII programme here, Jaitley referred to the Prime Minister's speech delivered on the same forum on Thursday.
"I have never really doubted his wisdom. He knew what the problem was. He probably knew the answers," Jaitley said, adding that despite this there are problems in solving them as he does not possess the powers.
"In a democracy, the leader must always have the last word. Unfortunately, in this government, the elected head does not have the last word," Jaitley said, in an apparent reference to the role of Congress President.
The BJP leader said this has made it a "three-legged race" for the government as the leader of its party takes the decisions. He also sought to know what "roadmap" the government has to achieve its aim of 9 percent growth.
He maintained that the priorities of the government appear to have changed with an "expanded expenditure" despite limited resources. He insisted that the government cannot implement its welfare schemes if it does not have the resources.
The BJP further claimed that growth depends on governance. "The quality of governance will decide how fast India moves," Jaitley said, adding that governance is in turn determined by leadership.
"Leadership needs clarity with respect to policy formulation and must have credibility. The government has to stop dragging its feet on important decisions," he said.

Jaitley said projects worth around Rs 7,00,000 crore are pending as "cabinet ministers cannot see eye to eye". He maintained that decisions should not be postponed and the government should understand the core issues and work on them.
The main opposition also maintained that claims of Congress leaders that the system needs to change - an oblique reference to Rahul Gandhi who spoke on these lines earlier in the day - were misplaced.
"They say the system must now change. But this Parliamentary democracy model has served India well. However, accountability must increase," Jaitley said.
The party alleged that several sectors which were doing well have gone downhill during the UPA regime and named the telecom sector, highways and rural roads in this regard.
Other than failures on the economy front, the government has also tried to manage allies with the threat of CBI, the BJP said.
"CBI is more controlled by the party than the government. Every NIA and CBI director's post retirement job is fixed. So you hang a fear or a favour and make organisations more pliable," Jaitley said.
The BJP leader said history is not going to judge a government on the basis of the number of years it is in office but will make a "harsh judgement" on the basis of what it did.


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