In a scathing attack, Shivraj said UPA’s secularism is not actually the constitution’s secularism rather it is the secularism of convenience.

UPA’s secularism is not about commitment but deviation from the actual spirit of secularism, he added.

“They talk about secularism so that no one can talk about their policy paralysis,” Shivraj tweeted on Tuesday.

Taking on the UPA leaders, Shivraj said their secularism is not about development but all about vote-bank politics.

Adding that UPA’s version of secularism is creating rift in society, Shivraj also accused UPA’s secularism of being all about terror. “Their secularism is not development but political stunt for poll gains. Their secularism is not about brotherhood but dividing. Their secularism is not about inner soul but terror,” he further tweeted.

Sharpening his attack against the UPA government, Shivraj said that the ruling government’s secularism teaches seclusion, not love.

Shivraj added that just like the nation right now is in need of true religiosity, it also needs the right version of secularism.

“Just like the nation needs true religion, it also needs true secularism,” he added.


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