Besieged with myriads of charges and facing acidic diatribe for failing to push up important economic reforms and policy paralysis, the UPA government has completed three years in office in its second term. In run-up to the general elections two years hence, the ministers and mandarins must realize the public disenchantment with the ruling establishment which has failed to live up their expectations, else the government will have serious ramification. Fair enough, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who is known as troubleshooter for the Centre, has expressed his dismay over depreciation of rupee as well as assured the people that the government is not sitting idle in this regard. In the same manner, Montek Singh Ahluwalia said that owing to falling rupee and high inflation, achieving 7.5 percent economic growth is a cumbersome task, but people are unwilling to understand the fact. Law Minister Salman Khursid’s perception about Manmohan Singh is quite true that he is the most suitable figure for the PMO, but it could not be ignored that the he has failed on almost all fronts in the last three years. It is palpable that coalition compulsion has arm-twisted the government, which has not been able to rein in its allies.

Needless to say that the government showed its slackness in taking requisite steps for economic reforms which would have boosted Indian economy. Not only economic reforms, rather many issues which are, though serious in nature, have been ignored. Despite the PM’s assurances, there has not been consensus over Lokpal Bill and anti-graft rules. The government has not shown proactiveness in controlling soaring prices and inflation. However, the Prime Minister is in the dock for the failure of the government, but he could not be solely responsible for it as the ally parties have not co-operated the government on many fronts. Albeit the UPA government’s three-year stint has been topsy turvy, it has ample time to build its image.