New Delhi: States like Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Jharkhand are not only facing shortage of drinking water, they are also showing laggardness in spending money allocated by the Centre in this regard.

What is most distressing that they have failed to spend even 60 percent of the allocated money during 2011-12 till December. These states are facing a double loss. At first they failed to complete the pending water projects and secondly they were deprived of bonus which the Rural Development Ministry gave them.

More than half a dozen states like Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat have performed well as they were able to reap the full advantage of the bonus. Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh sent his greetings to the Chief Minister of the respective states through a letter along with the bonus gift which he had announced on 11 December. The bonus amount is 23 percent of the total allocation.

States like Haryana and Punjab were given bonus of Rs 35 crore and Rs 46.82 crore respectively on the basis of their better performance on cleanliness and water supply front but Gujarat could manage to spend more than Rs 300 crore out of total allocated money till December for which the additional bonus of Rs 100 crore has been provided to the state.

A sum of Rs 98 crore has been allocated to Tamil Nadu while 100 crore was given to Assam. In addition, states like Tripura, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh have been able to receive Rs 30 crore, Rs 31 crore, Rs 61 crore as bonus respectively.