"We are seeking a clear mandate for our party. Lok Sabha and Assembly polls this year would be a unique opportunity for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who in past were constantly under the burden of single party dominance," the former chief minister said addressing a meeting at Patoli Brahmna in Jammu.
Sayeed said that the emergence of People's Democratic Party (PDP) as a credible alternative provides a unique opportunity to the people of the state to invest in a vision of development, prosperity and peace.
"Today, the people have a choice to accept and reject a political party on the basis of performance and vision," he said.
People, he said, have a clear choice this time as they have report card of each political party before them.
"The voting this time will not be influenced by slogans but by hard evident performance by different parties," he said.
The PDP patron said that the people have before them a clear vision of the party's conduct and capability in both government and in opposition and they will now choose between the parties which have the capability and vision.
He said that the state could be poised for a big change on all fronts, if the people give a decisive mandate to PDP.


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