The new update has also made the app more user-friendly for those in Google's smartwatch ecosystem, as there's now a custom Android Wear watch face that displays the Google Fit activity ring, showing how many minutes of activity you've done toward your daily goal.

There's also a new widget for the app, that you can pin to your homescreen, to remind you of your daily goals. You can find out more about the app here. The updated app is available now in the Google Play store.

According to Android Official Blog, the updated app will now calculate distance and calories burned based on a user’s profile. The updated timeline will now offer a detailed activity about levels and exercises through days, weeks or months.

Google Fit will now show the duration of your workout and how much desired goal you have achieved. The update makes the app more user-friendly for those who use Android Wear watch.

A new Google Fit widget has been introduced as well which can be pinned onto your smartphone’s homescreen which will constantly remind the user about their activity. The same function will work on an Android Wear watch as well.

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