New Delhi: A Slumdog Millionaire sort of saga could be scripted when poor boys and street urchins would be basking the stardom like Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni, Abhinav Bindra et al if the plan of Delhi government to make conducive ambience for making socially marginalize lot sport players has its way.

Acting on the direction of Lieutenant Governor, DDA and Delhi Police have joined hands to chalk out plan to give a platform where the have-nots of society will be enabled to make their dream of becoming sports star realized.

As per the plan, DDA will incur expenses of rolling out infrastructure by constructing sports fields, while the Delhi Police will spot the poor children who are loitering around the streets and colonies and groom them with imparting the niceties of different sports.

The playgrounds will be made in 47 colonies of Delhi. DDA has issued tender in this regard, which will be handed over to the Delhi Police, sources said.

The Delhi Police will bring children to the field on a daily basis and train them for few hours. The ultimate aim of this project is said to spot talents and hone in these children, who are left with Hobson’s choice of plunging into crime world and petty activities owing to lack of proper guidance and basic amenities. 

Sensing the concern over the rising incident of juveniles’ delinquency in Delhi, Lieutenant governor Tejinder Khanna huddled together with DDA and Delhi Police. In the meeting, it was transpired that street children should be involved in sports activities in order to curb the surging child crime.