New Delhi: Despite Free and Compulsory Education Act being implemented one year ago, as many as 81 lakh children of age group 6-12 are deprived of school education.

One year after Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Act was passed, Human Resource Minister Kapil Sibal on Friday briefed media explaining the fact that there is an urgent need of 5 lakh teachers, more than 3 lakh trainers and 14 lakh classrooms.

He said, that 21 percent teachers are reported to have not qualified, however they are in profession. He admitted though the literacy campaign has helped to increase the literacy rate to 74%, there are 80 lakh children still illiterate.

The literacy rate of girls’ child is said to have increased to 12%.

Sibal said, “3 lakh teachers for arts and physical training will be appointed in coming three years.  The government is concerned for imparting quality education. The National Council For Teacher Education has issued a notification stating that teachers have to fulfill their eligibility criteria within five years.”

JPN/ Bureau