Washington: The US and China together would "defy history" of clashes between a predominant and rising power, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today, stressing that she is in favour of a healthy rule-based competition between the two countries.
"I have written about this; I've spoken about -- is that the United States and China will, together, defy history. Historically, a rising power and a predominant power have had clashes, whether they were economic or military. Neither of us wants to see that happen," Clinton said.
"We want to see a rising power like China join the international community as a responsible stakeholder, continue its extraordinary efforts to lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, create a strong, vital middle class, have respectful relations with its neighbours in all of the ways, on land and sea, that is required," she said.
Clinton, in response to a question, said she does not think that competition between the United States and China in Asia will lead to both sides losing.
"No, I don't. I think healthy competition is part of development, human nature. I don't see any problem with healthy competition, as long as it is rules-based," she said.
"Healthy competition requires that everybody know what the rules are, and then you go out and compete, whether it's on the sporting field or in the economic or political arena," she added.
The United States, she said, wants to deepen and broaden its engagement with China.
"I helped to put together the Strategic and Economic Dialogues, which we then use to discuss everything, from border security to food safety to cyber matters," Clinton said.
"We want to continue that because we believe strongly that the world is big enough for a lot of nations to be important players, and that is certainly true of China. We want to see the kind of cooperative, comprehensive, positive relationship that I've worked for," Clinton said.


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