"Just a few weeks ago, (Indian) Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad announced the Government of India's support for the multi-stakeholder approach at the last Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) meeting," said Catherine A Novelli, Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment, yesterday.
Addressing a meeting of Internet Governance Forum-USA, Novelli said Prasad stressed the idea that multi-stakeholderism should embrace all geographies and societies.
"I could not agree more with Minister Prasad on this point and we look forward to our continued dialogue with India and others on this important issue," Novelli said.
"Every citizen – regardless of the country they live in – can contribute to global decision-making on how we manage this common resource," she said ahead of this year's global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Brazil.
Noting that over the past few years there has been growth in IGF stature in participants, diversity and in substance, she said this was a very positive development.
The IGF has demonstrated that it is a preeminent venue for the multi-stakeholder community to share opinions, ideas and solutions to problems regarding a range of Internet governance and policy issues. Its continued growth and long-term stability is absolutely essential to the future of the Internet, Novelli said.