Washington: The US has appreciated the efforts of Pakistan security and intelligence agencies in capturing a senior al-Qaeda operative, saying the action dealt a severe blow to the terrorist network.
"We applaud the actions of Pakistan's intelligence and security services that led to the capture of this senior al-Qaeda operative who was involved in planning attacks against the interests of the US and many, many other countries," State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland told reporters at her daily news conference.
"This action dealt another blow to al-Qaeda and is an example of the long-standing partnership we have and an example of the kind of counter terrorism operations that helps the security of Pakistan, helps the security of the United States and helps the security of the whole region," she said.
In a statement on Monday the Pakistan Army said that senior al-Qaeda leader Younis al-Mauritani was picked up in the suburbs of Quetta along with two other high-ranking operatives, Abdul Ghaffar al-Shami and Messara al-Shami.
"This operation was planned and conducted with technical assistance of United States Intelligence Agencies with whom Inter-Services Intelligence has a strong, historic intelligence relationship," said Inter-Service Public
Relations, an administrative military organization within the Pakistan defence forces.
Nuland said: "We remain committed to our continued cooperation and we will continue to work at it in our mutual interest."
Meanwhile, the State Department said the Pakistani proposal for a framework of counter-terrorism cooperation between the two countries is under consideration and discussion.
"This has been an ongoing discussion for a number of months, whether it makes sense to have some sort of a framework statement. And I think we'll continue to talk about it," she said.