Washington: Stating American national Raymond Davis a diplomat of the US Embassy, the White House on Friday has asked Pakistan to release him. The release has come in accordance with the Vienna Convention which provides him the diplomatic immunity.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, "Davis was received by the government of Pakistan as an employee of the embassy and was granted diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Conventions."

Pakistan and the US are both signatories to the Vienna convention, along with 185 other countries.

"What we are saying very clearly is that he needs to be released in accordance with those treaties, which apply to the personnel of countries, not just the United States in foreign countries, but Pakistan's employees in the United States and around the globe, and every other country that are participating in those important treaties," Carney said, adding that it's a fundamental principle that can't be compromised.

Davis was arrested on January 27 after he shot two armed men in Lahore. A lower court in Pakistan is scheduled to begin the prosecution of Davis on a murder charge while the Lahore High Court will hear a case next month to decide his diplomatic status.