US Secretary of State John Kerry call up Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to discuss situation on the ground in the aftermath of the series of terrorist attacks in Kabul over the last one week.
Kerry's call has come in the wake of accusation from Ghani that terrorist safe havens continue to exit in Pakistan. "It is in the urgent interest of both countries to eliminate safe havens and to reduce the operational capacity of the Taliban on both sides of the border," said John Kirby, State Department Spokesperson.
"Now is the time for the leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan, to work together to achieve the shared goal of defeating violent extremists," he said as he referred to the terrorists detonating a car bomb at Kabul international airport.
Kerry and Ghani talked about the terrorist attacks, the issue of the safe havens and of the need for both countries to continue to work at this to try to eliminate those safe havens, Kirby said.

He said the goal has always been one of Afghan-led reconciliation with the Taliban and that remains America's goal and objective. "We want to see political reconciliation and a safe and prosperous and secure Afghanistan, and again, these attacks underscore that remains a challenge," he added.


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