New Delhi: In a bid to regulate smooth running of the US visa system and provide efficient visa services in India, the US embassy in New Delhi has fixed American Consulate in Chennai as the sole centre to entertain the L visa applications in the country.

Under the new system that starts from December this year, companies throughout India will send L applicants exclusively to Chennai for the visa interviews.

L visas are issued to managers, executives or specialised knowledge professionals transferred within their company.

US State Department has clarified that the move will not affect the visa processing of applications of the family members of the L category visa holders.

Moreover, the applications of individual L-1A and L-1B visa holders can be submitted with any US Consulate across the country.

The US embassy clarified that under the new system the processing centre has been fixed at Chennai only for L visa applications. However, it will not bring any changes in the US visa laws and rules and regulations for obtaining the visa, it added.