The College Board made the announcement in a press release on its official website on Wednesday, said reports.

The redesigned SAT, scheduled to go into effect from 2016, would include three sections -- reading and writing, math and an essay -- and would shift from its current score scale of 2400 back to 1600, with a separate score for the essay.

Colleges can choose whether to consider it or not .The updated test will take about three hours, with an additional 50 minutes for the essay, and will be administered by print and computer.

Test scoring will also be changed. There will be no deduction for an incorrect answer. Points will be added for correct answers only.

Instead of arcane SAT words, the vocabulary words on the new exam will be the ones commonly used in college courses.

In analyzing reading passages in the exams, students must cite specific passages from extracts of well-known writings to support the answers, which is not necessary in the current version.

Most US colleges require an SAT or ACT exam score for admissions.


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