Washington: The decision of the Algerian Government to allow family members of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to travel in the country is not in keeping with travel restrictions on them under the UN resolution in this regard, the US has said.
"There are concerns that this isn't in keeping with the travel ban restrictions under UN Security Council 1970. So we need to review the Algerian Government explanation. So does the TNC (Transitional National Council of Libya). And we need to see where we go from there," State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland told reporters at her daily news conference.
Nuland was responding to questions about the Algerian government receiving four members of the Gaddafi family.
The Algerian Government has written a letter to the UN and also informed the US about its decision.
"Under UN Security Council Resolution 1970, the Gaddafi family was subject to a travel ban. So they have now travelled. The Government of Algeria has sent a letter to the UN. We are reviewing that letter now in New York. Clearly, there has to be an international community decision in response with regard to the travel ban restrictions that 1970 imposes," Nuland said.
"Our understanding is that this is – that under 1970, if a country takes steps beyond the UN Security Council resolution, it has 48 hours to explain itself to Security Council members, and this is what that letter endeavours to do. With regard to our response to it, I think it’s too early to tell," she said.