Washington: The United States is concerned over the "continuing" terrorist threat coming from Pakistan, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, siding with latest statement of Afghan President Hamid Karzai accusing terrorist outfits in Pakistan responsible for attacks in his country.
"We are deeply concerned, as we have been, about the continuing terrorist threat from Pakistan," Clinton told reporters at a news conference in Brussels.
"We have expressed to the leaders of Pakistan, time and again, the importance of our working together to tackle these terrorist groups, because they threaten, first and foremost, Pakistan, as well as Afghanistan," Clinton said in response to a question.
"We firmly believe that the best way to combat them is for Pakistan, Afghanistan, NATO, ISAF to all be working together, which is what we have been doing.”
"And I think by the most objective measures, we've made tremendous progress in bringing security to many parts of Afghanistan," she said.
"The Afghan National Security Force has made steady improvement in being able to take responsibility for security. Now it's up to nearly 50 percent of the people in the country
who will be protected by primarily by their own forces.”
"We've reversed the momentum and advance of the Taliban and more Afghans live in security," said the Secretary of State said.
Clinton said there is no reason to speculate about any military coup in Pakistan.
"The information that we have is that he has sought medical treatment for a number of medical challenges and we wish him a speedy recovery and certainly we expect that he will receive the treatment he is seeking and then be able to return in full health to his duties," Clinton said.