"United States is continuing to consider a range of options, including loan guarantees, to support Ukraine economically. But no decision has been made and the next step is the formation of a multi-party, technical government," US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said on Wednesday.
"Once that government is formed we will begin to take immediate steps, in coordination with multilateral and bilateral partners, that could compliment an IMF package, to support Ukraine," Psaki said.
Meanwhile, the White House Deputy Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, said US strongly supports Ukrainian leaders’ ongoing work to form an inclusive, multiparty government to represent all the people of Ukraine as they prepare for May elections, and to restore order, stability and unity to the country.
"As the process moves forward, the United States calls on all parties in Ukraine and in the region to support reconciliation and the country’s return to political and economic health," he said.
"We will work with the international community in building an economic assistance package based upon Ukraine’s achievements in crafting a unity government," he said, adding that an inclusive, broad-based government committed to reconciliation and economic reform is the necessary foundation for international assistance.
"We call on Ukraine's leaders to do their utmost to protect the security and human rights of all their citizens, including the rights of minorities, and to recommit to honor the states’ international obligations in this interim period," Earnest said.
" United States stands with the Ukrainian people at this remarkable moment, and we will do all we can to help them build the strong, sovereign and democratic country they so richly deserve," Earnest added.


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