Speaking at a news conference in Manila, Hagel said that the administration also would continue to seek input from members of Congress on how the US should respond to the deadly attack.
Hagel said that Thursday's consultation by high-level Obama administration officials with congressional leaders was not to convince anyone of anything. He said that it was intended as an update and a chance to solicit lawmakers' views on possible US military or other action.
"As we continue to consult with our allies, we'll further develop the facts and intelligence on what happened," he said. President Barack Obama Thursday day prepared for the possibility of launching unilateral American military action against Syria within days.
When asked about what Syrian President Bashar Assad could do now to avoid a US strike, Hagel said, "I have not been informed of any change in the Assad regime's position on any issue."
As for the British Parliament's vote against British military action in Syria, Hagel said that London has strongly and publicly condemned Syria's alleged gas attacks against civilians.
"That vote in the parliament doesn't change that. Every nation has a responsibility to make their own decisions, and we respect that of any nation. We'll continue to work with Britain and consult with Britain as we are with all our allies. As to international effort and collaboration, it is the goal of President Obama and our government that whatever decision is taken that it be an international collaboration and effort," he said.
He also added that the US was going to keep talking to Britain and other nations on ‘ways forward together’.


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