"I think we can encourage them to have dialogue and to resolve the dispute. But we don't have to do that necessarily with an envoy. I think our ambassadors are very engaged on the ground on this," the State Department spokesperson, Marif Harf, said on Tuesday.
Mrif also voiced out concern over any violence along the Line of Control and said that US would continue to encourage further dialogue between both the countries.
She further acknowledged the fact that US ambassadors in both India and Pakistan had raised this with their respective host governments in hope that both the countries would keep walking on the path of improving their bilateral relationship.
The US policy on Kashmir has not changed, she added. "We still believe that the pace, scope, and character of India and Pakistan's dialogue on Kashmir is for those two countries to determine with each other," Harf said.
"We'll engage when we think it's appropriate, as our ambassadors are doing," she added.


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