Islamabad: At least 14 suspected militants were killed in a drone attack by the US which targeted a madrassa and a house in South Waziristan tribal region of Pakistan on Monday, sources said.

The drones fired four missiles at the seminary and house near Wana, one of the main towns of South Waziristan Agency, early this morning.

Sources said five foreign militants were among the dead.

A journalist in Wana said that the other slain militants were from Punjab province and locals.

Local sources said that the unmanned spy planes targeted the compound of senior Taliban commander Malang in Shalam Dana area, 17 km from Wana.

Malang belongs to the Mullah Nazir faction of the Taliban which controls Wana and nearby areas.

This was the second drone strike in South Waziristan in four days.

On Friday night, a US drone strike killed al Qaeda-linked terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri and eight other militants. Kashmiri was wanted by US, India and Pakistan for several terror attacks.

Kashmiri was linked to the 2008 Mumbai attacks and last month’s brazen attack on a naval airbase in Karachi that killed 10 security personnel.