The company is looking to launch this Rezence Technology in the US market this year.

Even as the Rezence Technology is still at a trial and error phase, days are not far when it would replace the usual cable cord chargers for in-home and office chargers.

"Several mobile phone manufacturers are expressing interest in Rezence and are looking at embedding the technology in the phones," WiTricity Senior Product Manager Grant Reig said.

WiTricity, an US-based engineering company developing wireless energy transfers using magnetic resonance, is gearing up to extend the 'Rezence' technology to mobile phones and computers.

Reig said that Rezence technology is likely to come in the US markets sometime in 2015 and in next 10 year's wireless charging will be the way forward.

Once implemented, consumers can do away with charging cables and could instead place the mobile or computer on to a charging pad that has induction coils built into it.

Global tech majors like Samsung, Microsoft, HP, Intel, Qualcomm, NEC, Asus, Panasonic, Lenovo are already working to develop this technology under an alliance, A4WP, to jointly develop Rezence standards.

"Wireless charging is going to be the future technology. A lot of companies are showing interest," Reig added.