Washington: Condemning the continued brutal attacks on the Libyan people by the forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1973, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday that the international community continues to speak in one voice in support of a transition that leads to a brighter future for the Libyan people.

"Regime militias and mercenaries have continued their attacks on civilians in Misurata, indiscriminately firing mortar and artillery rounds into residential areas of the city," Clinton said in a statement.

The regime has reportedly destroyed crucial food supply warehouses and cut off water and power to the city, laying siege to the Libyan people in an apparent attempt to starve them into submission, she said.

Snipers have targeted civilians seeking medical attention and thousands of civilians are being forced out of their homes by regime attacks with tanks and artillery, Clinton said, adding that the regime officials have also made statements in the past two days promising to attack any humanitarian aid ships attempting to dock in Misurata port.
She also said that the US is gathering information about Gaddafi's actions that may constitute violations of international humanitarian or human rights law to make sure that they are properly documented and catalogued, and ensure that those who committed these atrocities are held accountable for their actions, she said.