Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Nisha Desai Biswal, cited Secretary of State John Kerry had personally called up authorities in Pakistan seeking
the re-arrest after his release earlier this month.

However, she urged Pakistan has lost more lives to terrorism than any other country and that Islamabad has "redoubled" its effort to fight the menace after the attack on a Peshawar Army school.

"We were greatly concerned by the release of Mr Lakhvi," she added, addressing a small group of journalists and students at the University of Chicago Center here.

Biswal mentioned the release was something that the State Department had been hoping to avoid and it had consistently impressed upon their counterparts in Islamabad the need for those responsible for Mumbai terror attacks to be brought to justice.

"That is the goal we share with India. When this release occurred, the Secretary of State, in fact, personally also made a phone call to urge that efforts be made to re-arrest and ensure that he does not roam free," she added.

Biswal quoted the US continues to support India's efforts to bring the Mumbai attackers to justice to seek justice to all those who died in that attack which includes American citizens as well.

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