New Delhi: The US had expressed fears that heightened militant activity in Jammu and Kashmir could draw a forceful Indian response and threaten the political and stability gains in the troubled state following the composite dialogue between India and Pakistan.

A cable, sent by then US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer in February 2010 and released by Wikileaks on August 30, said militant groups across the Line of Control (LoC) were regrouping and preparing to launch a new wave of attacks in Jammu and Kashmir.

"Most importantly, however, Kashmiris and government officials responsible for Kashmir policy are starting to sense that the cross border terrorists are regrouping and preparing to launch a new wave of attacks," the cable summary reads.

The US Ambassador also feared any increase in the militant activity will witness a forceful reaction from the security apparatus here which, it said, remains "edgy".

"The Indian security apparatus remains edgy and will react forcefully to any hint of increased insurgency in the valley," Roemer said in the cable.

He also feared that increase in militant activity will threaten the "political and stability gains" in Jammu and Kashmir.

The leaked cable assumes significance as there has been an increase in the infiltration attempts by militants from across the LoC over the last two months and mortar shelling by Pakistani troops on the Indian Army posts here.

"While there have been a few positive moves regarding Kashmir in the last month (January 2010), the more significant developments have been negative and represent setbacks to peace and reconciliation," the cable said.