"While, Al-Qaeda core and its leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been decimated and is not nearly what it was 10 years ago, Al-Qaeda in general and its affiliate organizations, as we've been talking about for years now, continue to represent threats," the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Thursday.
"AQAP in particular is viewed by the national security team as the most operational of the Al-Qaeda affiliates and the one that poses the greatest potential threat to the United States," he told reporters.
Carney said that it is absolutely the case that there is a constant stream of potential threats out there to United States because there are people around the world who want to do harm to the US and its citizens.
"Assessments are made by our national security team based on the information available to them about the level of potential threats and the precautions that need to be taken in response to those," he said.
"But we have to maintain our vigilance as a nation because those threats exist," he added.
The threat emanating from and potentially occurring in the Arabian Peninsula is of the nature that the US can't rule anything out.


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