Washington: A Baloch rights body has urged the US House of Representatives' Speaker for an international probe into alleged "cold blooded" murders of the regions' nationalist leaders and violation of human rights.
"We request that the House of Representatives (John Boehner) may push for a thorough and independent international investigation into the cold blooded murders of the Baloch nationalist leaders and other abuses of human rights and international humanitarian law by the Pakistani Army in Balochistan," Britain-based Baloch Human Rights Council said in a letter, released to the press on Tuesday.
Pointing out that the right of self-determination was the "inalienable right of the Baloch people," it called for "urgent help" from the US and the international community.
"We believe that US is in a position to pressurise the Pakistani State in order to save the life of thousands of the Baloch," said the letter, written by council's general secretary Samad Baloch.
It alleged "heinous crimes against humanity were being committed by the Pakistan State in Balochistan without any witness."
The rights body also accused Pakistan of preventing international media from reporting in Balochistan, thereby creating the scenario where "violation of human rights on a massive scale continue" without transparency or accountability.
Asserting that only "strong and direct action" will persuade Pakistan to immediately stop "systematic campaigns of genocide against the Baloch people," the letter welcomed the recent tabling of a resolution on Baloch freedom in the US House of Representatives.
"Baloch have welcomed tabling a resolution in the House of Representatives supporting the right of self-determination of the Baloch. We believe that US is in a position to pressurize the Pakistani State in order to save the life of thousands of the Baloch," said the letter.
Claiming that the region was facing a systematic genocide, it urged the international community to come out of its "incomprehensible silence".