The BSA, which was negotiated by the two countries last year, would determine the nature and presence of US troops in Afghanistan after the drawdown of America-led military forces.

"United States will stand with the Afghan people now and in the future, and looks forward to signing the bilateral security agreement in the period ahead," US Secretary of State John Kerry said.

"Millions of Afghan men and women once again went to the polls today to choose their next president, laying the groundwork for the first democratic transition in Afghanistan's history," he said.

Kerry said the brave Afghans defied the threat of violence and voted because they wanted to set the course for a more inclusive, prosperous, and stable future.

"I've been to Afghanistan twice since becoming Secretary of State and many times before that. Every time I do, I'm impressed by how much Afghans have sacrificed for their future," he said.

Pentagon said the election marks another milestone in Afghanistan's progress toward democracy and a peaceful transfer of executive leadership.

"It also highlights the growing competence and capability of Afghan National Security Forces, who once again took the lead in making safe their fellow citizens' access to the ballot box," Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said.


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