Arguing that there is no letup in Pakistan's effort to support terrorist groups, the lawmakers questioned the recent move of the Obama Administration to release the blocked security assistance to Islamabad.
"Pakistan's military and security service continue to complicate matters by supporting the Taliban. Pakistan is a double-dealer, paying lip service to cooperation with the US, unfortunately, while simultaneously undermining our primary objective of bringing Afghanistan under the control of a democratically elected government," said Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman of the powerful House Foreign Relations Committee.
Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who recently returned from the Af-Pak region, said that relationship with Pakistan is complicated and he expects it will probably continue to be so.
"But I believe and I hope that the Pakistanis are actually starting to understand that the Taliban is actually their problem too. And it's no longer a tool they can use to posture against India or whatever went into that whole, I guess, calculus there," Kinzinger said.
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher continued to blast Pakistan for its support to terrorist outfits. "We're dealing with Pakistan in order to make sure we have a presence there and where - meaning in Afghanistan – and  the Pakistanis are doing what - we know the Pakistanis are behind, the ISI, who they're financing," he said.
"We know that they spend money that they end up getting from us to kill American soldiers. This is insanity," he said.

"We have people who want to stay longer? It's time for us to get our butts out of that country. Not for their sake, for our sake. We don't even care enough to know how much it's costing or how many killed and wounded that we suffered. That should be right on the tip of your tongue, because that's a cost to everybody's kid," Rohrabacher said.
"But we have some other agenda in Afghanistan. I don't see what we're going to accomplish. We are asking what the goals are," he added.


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