New Delhi: Few days after the United Kingdom government made a U-turn on its stand on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the United States has also decided to explore opportunities for strengthening relationship with the government.

Announcing its decision to resume engagement with the state, US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Robert Blake, in an interview said that Modi is free to apply for US Visa. He has also said that the US shares an amicable relationship with Gujarat and will continue to maintain it.

Notably, Modi was denied a visa in 2005 by the United States when he had planned to travel to Florida where he was to address a convention of Asian American hotel owners. The US said that it could not issue him a diplomatic visa because of its Immigration and Nationality Act which states that any foreign government official responsible for serious violation of religious freedom is ineligible for a visa.

Recently, British High Commissioner to India James Bevan visited Ahmedabad to meet Modi ending a 10-year boycott of the CM since the 2002 riots.


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