Robert Fink, from Oregon, works in the video game industry as a 3-D artist. Fink said he spent five months creating a game called 'Knight Man, A Quest For Love' so that he could propose to his girlfriend, Angel White.

Fink did the art design for the game, while one friend handled the programming and another friend put together the musical score.

Once the game was ready, Fink brought White, who works as a web developer, to his office in Oregon City, and said she was going to be testing out a new game, a news channel reported.

In the game, as the hero approached the rescued princess, these words appeared on the screen, "I have searched far and wide and braved many dangers searching for my one and only. I believe with all my heart that I have found you."

The next screen read, "Angel White, will you do me the honour of sharing your life with me?"

In keeping with the spirit of the game, the final screen asked White to choose, "Yes" or "No." She chose "Yes." I was so excited, and so happy and nervous, and just exploding with emotion. It was awesome and then just realizing that he made this, it was incredible," she said.


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