The victim  had given him a choice of either getting arrested or sitting on the street for 8 hours with the sign, a news channel reported.

Hessler said she met the man last weekend when her two male friends brought him along for a night out clubbing, but on their way home, he tried to reach up her skirt, but she said no and tried to push him away.

Tampa Police Department Lt. Ronald McMullen said that the man allegedly didn’t stop until she slapped him.

Hessler claimed that''s when he started beating her repeatedly until she had a broken nose and a concussion.

The next day a police report was filed and Hessler went to the hospital for her injuries. However she found the man on Facebook and gave him an ultimatum: public humiliation or an arrest.

She claimed that he was wasted and she did hit him first because he was groping her and thought if he was sober he wouldn''t have done that. McMullen said Hessler signed a complaint withdrawal.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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