Dubai: Dubai's police chief has rejected the US claim that its navy ship had forewarned the Indian fishermen before opening fire and killing one of them.
"According to our findings and testimonies of the injured, I believe that they told the truth," Lieutenant-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police, was quoted by a media as saying.
Tamil Nadu fisherman, Arumugam Sekar, was killed on Monday when an embarked security team aboard the USNS Rappahannock fired upon a small motor vessel near Jabel Ali off Dubai.
Tamim said that, according to the testimony of the Indian fishermen, they were not warned to move away by the US Navy.
The crew, which was interrogated by the US Navy after the incident, told the Dubai Police that they did not move towards the ship and instead attempted to avoid it.
The US Fifth Fleet claimed that the boat disregarded warnings and rapidly approached the US ship.
On Tuesday, India urged the UAE to investigate the shooting.
The Dubai Police has referred the case to the Dubai Public Prosecution for further investigation.
"We treat this incident as a normal case, the US navy should report the incident to the police if it occurred in the Dubai regional water," Tamim said, criticising the way the US ship had dealt with the incident.
"The Dubai Police and port police stations have carried the necessary investigation and treated this as a murder case and all necessary legal action should be taken so the matter can be referred to the Dubai Public Prosecution," he added.
Tamim explained that nobody has been arrested as the ship moved into international water after the shooting. He said that the US authorities are also investigating the incident.
"I believe this was mistake and the ship should not deal with the incident in this way," Tamim said.
Meanwhile, Indian Ambassador to the UAE, M K Lokesh, said the UAE and the US have agreed to share with India the details of the ongoing investigation.


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