The 15th edition of IIFA, a four-day event which celebrates the grandeur and glitz of Hindi cinema, will be held in Tampa Bay in Florida this April.

Preparations are on in full swing to make the stars feel at home and to bring fans closer to their big screen idols.

Anil, who was here recently to scout for locations for the shooting of his next movie production ‘Saat Hindustanis’, believes that there is a ‘sense of business’ in everything that happens in US.

“One of the reasons that IIFA is happening in US is because there is awareness about Indian cinema, which is popularly identified here (in US) as Bollywood,” Anil said in an interview here.

“People here are now more aware of what Indian cinema is than before. They also know the reach of Indian cinema. They know how in one stroke so many eyeballs are going to watch the IIFA. Also, they know about the kind of films we make, the amount of movies we do and the way that our film business is increasing. It is these things that are making a difference,” added the 57-year-old actor, who feels hosting the event is a lucrative ‘opportunity’ for the country.

"Over 1.2 billion Indians will watch the show and it will spread awareness about the region to the Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Asians and to the Indian diasporas all over the world. The one stroke through the awards will make so many people aware of Tampa Bay. So, there is a sense of business involved in IIFA and that's why they are going all out to host us," he said.

"It's give and take," added Anil, who also shared how officials at Tampa Bay are going all out to support and encourage his idea of shooting his next home banner production at picturesque locales in the culturally rich city in Florida.

Anil already has a decent brush with Hollywood, and he toes Frank Sinatra's 1980 line - "If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere" in context with US.

“America is America. Once you succeed here, then you make a great impact, especially, as far as showbiz is concerned. It has a tremendous impact," he said.


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