Washington, Jan 07 (Agencies): Opposing the Pakistani Government's decision to reverse the controversial fuel price hike, US has made it clear that it wants Pakistan to continue taking tough measures as they're important for its long-term economic stability.

At the same time, US has said that the final decision in this regard has to be taken by Pakistan and it in no way wants to interfere in political and economic decision making process of the country.

"I'm not going to weigh in to Pakistani domestic politics, but we believe that, these reforms, though difficult, are necessary," said State Department Deputy Spokesman, Mark Toner.

"Our position is that Pakistan needs to undertake difficult economic reforms that are going to require some pain, frankly, politically.

But beyond that, I'm not going to weigh into what is a domestic political debate in Pakistan," he said in response to a question.

Toner was responding to questions about the rollback of fuel price hike in Pakistan, thus endangering its ability to continue to receive funds under the International MonetaryFund's USD 11 billion loan programme.

"What we've tried to make clear all along, what the Secretary (of State) tried to make clear when she was there recently is that we believe that there's hard reforms that the Pakistani Government needs to take, and we do recognise that these are difficult, but they're in the long-term interest of Pakistan's economic stability and growth," Toner said.