The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on Wednesday passed the Fiscal Year 2014 Intelligence Authorisation Act that sought the declassification review, among other things, to further highlight al Qaeda's growth and spread under bin Laden's leadership. The amendment in this regard was moved by Congressman Devin Nunes by a voice vote.
"Devin Nunes authored language in the bill requiring a declassification review of documents collected in Abbottabad, Pakistan, during the Osama bin Laden operation, to further highlight al Qaeda's growth and spread under bin Laden's leadership," the committee said.
The bill provides resources for critical national security programmes, including those that prevent terrorist attacks against Americans.
The total intelligence funding authorized by the bill is slightly below the level US President Barack Obama requested.     

Some highlights include an increase of USD 75 million to address insider threats; additional funding to improve collection against specific adversaries; full funding of the Director of National Intelligence's (DNI) information technology modernization and consolidation initiative.
Additional positions for counterintelligence; maintaining critical Navy Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and medical intelligence; a reduction of over USD 130 million in space programmes and a reduction of over USD 75 million in a major information technology effort are some other highlights.

The bill now moves to the House Floor for consideration. 


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