Washington: A lady passenger was booted off an American Airlines flight en route from Los Angeles to New York on Monday. The reason was her non-stop singing of Whitney Houston's hit "I Will Always Love You". The plane's pilot made an unscheduled stop in Kansas City about halfway through the six-hour flight after passengers and crew complained about the woman's incessant singing.

American Airlines spokesman, Joe McBride told a local television channel, that the woman's behaviour was "disruptive" and that she was removed from the aircraft for "interfering with the flight crew".

The singing went so out of control that the pilot declared an emergency landing at Kansas City airport, McBride added. Soon after landing, police boarded the plane, handcuffed the lady and removed her from the plane. The airline refused to let her board another flight.

Another passenger on the same flight made a video of the entire scene and posted the same on Internet. The video clearly shows the women been removed by police from the flight, and still singing the hit number from "The Bodyguard", a 1992 hit film starring Houston, who died in 2012, and Kevin Costner.   

After being questioned by police, the passenger was released without being charged. She told media that her diabetes sometime engages her in ridiculous behavior, one which that got her kicked off the flight.

While on ground the aircraft refilled its fuel tanks, then it took off again and reached to its destination an hour late without any further problem, the airline said.


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