"Just want to tell you a quick story. On our last visit here we visited Humayun's Tomb. We met some of the labourers who are the backbone of this nation's progress. We met the children and their families as well.''
"Some wonderful young children with bright smiles and spark in their eyes and one of the children was a boy named Vishal. And today Vishal is 16 years old and he and his family live in south Delhi in a village," he said looking at Vishal who was sitting among the audience.
His mother works at Humayun's Tomb. His sister is in university and she wants to become a teacher. His brother is a construction worker earning his daily wage and his father works as a stone layer so that Vishal can go to school. He likes watching 'Kabaddi', Obama said introducing Vishal and his family.
Vishal wants to join armed forces. We are very proud of him and he is the example of the talent that is here. Vishal's dreams are as important as Malia and Sasha's dreams (Obama's daughters), he said.

"We want him to have the same opportunities," the US President said as the crowd applauded Vishal's effort. An elated Vishal, later told mediapersons, that he was feeling lucky to have been mentioned in the event.

"I am feeling lucky today. Lucky and happy. They motivated us," he told reporters.

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