Washington: A professor from Scotland has created a pizza that offers the correct balance of all the nutrients required through the day.

Dr. Mike Lean, professor of nutrition at the University of Glasgow and working physician, designed the Eat Balanced brand pizzas.

According to Lean, in theory, three pizzas a day is going to give the daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals based on the UK guidelines, reported a channel.

Lean got the inspiration to make the pizzas after he had difficulty making meals with the right mix of vitamins and nutrients.

To get the right nutrients in the right amount, he collaborated with the Eat Balanced founder Donnie Maclean and others to determine how to get the recommended nutrients including vitamin C, iron and zinc into the pizza without losing the pizza taste.

The team ended up adding unusual ingredients like seaweed in to the crust and red peppers in the tomato sauce to get all the nutrients. However they made it a priority that the pizza would still taste like pizza.

The pizza is already on sale in the UK, but wants to recommend it to NASA astronauts going to Mars as well.


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