Washington: Despite having nuclear capability, India is still under threat of invasion (conventional) from both of its alienated neighbours- China and Pakistan. Citing 1999 Kargil invasion, a report prepared by US think tanks, said that India faces imminent threat of external aggression from its two hostile neighbours- China and Pakistan.

The report titled- Airpower at 18000: The Indian Air Force in the Kargil War- says that Kargil War highlighted that mere nuclear capability of a nation should not be considered as a guarantee of safety from conventional invasion. A threat of conventional invasion persists against India from China and Pakistan. The report has advised Indian Defence establishments to prepare themselves to face such challenges in future.

The report prepared by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace further adds that atomic deterrence may not avert the chances of large scale war between India and any of its estranged neighbours but it is able to confine them.


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